Muslim Prayer Movements as an Alternative ED Therapy

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual disorders today. It is found not only among heterosexual men but also among LGBTQ+ men.

According to one survey, out of 200 homosexual men, over 97% reported experiencing erectile dysfunction at least once in their lives, and over 50% said they suffered from ED. Does the mechanism of erectile dysfunction differ between heterosexual and LGBTQ+ men? Let's try to find out.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Sometimes erectile dysfunction can occur in any man. Various factors are to blame, from stress and fatigue to physiological abnormalitis. But do not consider any failure in bed as a symptom of erectile dysfunction. You can suspect having ED when:

●       You cannot get an erection every time you experience sexual arousal.

●       Your erection is not strong enough.

●       Your erection does not last long enough to complete intercourse.

●       You fail to get an erection.

If such symptoms occur regularly, you can suspect the possible presence of ED, but the exact diagnosis should be made by your doctor.

Social factors in the development of erectile dysfunction in LGBTQ+ population

Social factors in the development of erectile dysfunction in LGBTQ+ population

Although the physiological disorders that lead to ED are the same in different communities, LGBTQ+ individuals may face additional social factors that negatively affect sexual function.


Society in many ways shapes our ideas of what is good and what is bad, including sexual relationships. Although LGBTQ+ attitudes have largely changed today, there is still room for homophobia in many families and communities. People may feel ashamed and uncomfortable that their sexual desires go against conventional wisdom. As a result, insecurity and resulting erectile dysfunction may develop.


While more and more people are willing to accept your sexual orientation and recognize LGBTQ+ people's right to love and relationships, there is such a thing as "heteronormativity", where it is okay to be hetero-oriented, and everything else is considered an aberration. A homosexual person growing up under the weight of such beliefs can grow up thinking that there is something wrong with him. In doing so, his attempts at sexual intercourse with the opposite sex can lead to utter frustration and contribute to the development of ED.

Minority stress

Because of social rejection, LGBTQ+ people face stress, which is characterized by such things as:

●       Fear that people will react negatively upon learning about their sexual orientation.

●       The need to evaluate the ability to openly show their feelings for their partner in public.

Due to minority stress, people are constantly under close attention and overstressed, which can affect their sexual performance in a negative way.

Pressure from the LGBTQ+ community

Pressure from the LGBTQ+ community

Ironically, your like-minded peers can also be a source of stress. In many ways, it results from certain expectations that are inherent in LGBTQ+ people. Thus, the unspoken requirements can be described as a perfect body and high sexuality. Failure to meet these expectations hurts self-confidence.


When two penises are involved in a relationship, it is logical that there may be a desire to compare them, and this does not always go in favor of one of the partners. A smaller size or shorter erection can cause feelings of inferiority and affect erections in that relationship.

Specific therapy for LGBTQ+

As you can see, social factors play a significant role in the development of ED in LGBTQ+ individuals. In general, they cause negative attitudes towards themselves and their bodies, forming beliefs, such as:

●       There is something wrong with me.

●       I am bad.

●       I'm not good enough.

●       I have to be perfect, so that I won't be rejected.

Such attitudes do not contribute to self-confidence, without which a happy sex life is impossible. Constant failures often lead to the formation of erectile dysfunction. Breaking this vicious circle without the help of a specialist can be difficult.

Therapy will help to restore mental health, sort yourself out and accept your peculiarities. As a result, you will be able to cope with the pressures of society, learn new ways to communicate, and get rid of the trauma of the past. By removing negative psychological variables, you will get a quality erection and a happy sex life.

Other causes of ED development

According to some data, the psychogenic nature of ED is noted in about 40% of cases, but there are other factors that contribute to the development of this disease. They can be divided into:

●       Lifestyle factors.

●       Physiological factors.

LGBTQ+ individuals may experience pressure from these factors along with psychological problems, making the situation even worse.

Lifestyle factors

Lifestyle plays a significant role in maintaining overall health. It is especially important in terms of cardiovascular health, as vascular health is a fundamental prerequisite for a quality erection. Factors that negatively affect vascular health include:

●       sedentary lifestyle;

●       unhealthy diet;

●       excessive consumption of alcohol;

●       smoking.

Sometimes it is enough to change your lifestyle so that the ED becomes less severe or disappears altogether. But also, when the disease requires treatment, lifestyle changes will increase the treatment effectiveness.

Physiological factors

ED can also be caused by physiological disorders, which are especially pronounced in men over 50. This largely explains the increase in the prevalence of ED with age. According to some data, the number of men suffering from severe ED increases from 5% at the age of 40 to 15% at the age of 70. The main risk factors are:

●       metabolic syndrome;

●       hypertension;

●       diabetes;

●       hyperlipidemia;

●       obesity;

●       hypogonadism;

●       depression.

If ED is a consequence of an underlying disease, it must be treated in parallel with the treatment of this disease. Otherwise, it is impossible to achieve a significant improvement in sexual function. According to some data, the most common causes of ED are:


Prevalence in the ED

High blood pressure


Low testosterone






Elevated cholesterol levels


Heart disease


Methods of treating ED

Today there are effective methods for fighting ED, but according to some data, 39% of men have never sought medical help for erectile dysfunction. Such a negligent attitude to their health not only leads to serious disorders in the sexual sphere, but also aggravates psychological problems and prevents happy and harmonious relationships. For the treatment of ED, doctors use the following methods.

PDE5 inhibitors

PDE5 inhibitors are oral medications that improve blood flow in the penis by blocking the action of the PDE5 enzyme. As a result of improved blood flow, you get a quality and stable erection. You need to remember that the pills work if a man is sexually aroused.

PDE5 inhibitors are well tolerated and usually do not cause side effects, or they manifest in a mild form and do not require a visit to the doctor. The drug is taken some time before sexual intercourse, and the effect of the pill lasts for several hours. The most famous PDE5 inhibitor is the legendary Viagra, while Cialis provides the longest lasting effect. When choosing pills for ED, it is important to consider comorbidities and individual characteristics.

Intraurethral suppositories

Intraurethral suppositories

Intraurethral suppositories are introduced into the urethra, where they are quickly absorbed and provide a local effect. They are usually used 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse. This is a fairly convenient way to treat ED, but it is important to learn how to insert the suppository correctly in order to avoid trauma to the penis.

Penis injections

The medications used are the vasodilators that are injected directly into the cavernous tissue of the penis. You can inject yourself after getting training at a medical facility. To reduce the risk of injury, special thin needles are used, making the injection process virtually painless.

Vacuum device

A vacuum device is a pump that is put on the penis and then creates a vacuum by pumping air out from under it. Under the action of the vacuum, blood rushes to the penis, and you get a natural erection. This method is good for its physiology, but some men find it uncomfortable because of the need to interrupt during sex. Nevertheless, when a vacuum pump is used correctly, the chances of side effects are reduced to zero.


The reasons for the development of erectile dysfunction in LGBTQ+ people are often due to the specific attitudes of society towards such people. The pressure that they have to face can cause psychogenic ED, which requires special therapy in order to improve mental health and regain self-confidence.

At the same time, erectile dysfunction can be caused by improper lifestyle or physiological disorders. Depending on what has caused ED, it is recommended to change your habits or to resort to the use of drugs and other medical treatments.

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