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Is a prescription needed?

No prescription is needed. Before you take any new medication, you must talk to your doctor. The presence of certain illnesses or other conditions should be taken into account as contraindications. Only a medical expert can prescribe the correct prescription and dose.

What shipping methods do you use?

At the moment, we offer the following:●A two- to the three-week minimum wait time for packages sent using Airmail. Delivery times for shipments might vary.●Express mail service (EMS). There will be a wait of 3-8 business days for the selected shipment method. Delivery times may extend if problems arise at customs. Our delivery service is not responsible for this.

What kinds of drugs do you supply?

Brand-name and generic drugs are available at our pharmacy. Our site clearly differentiates between these several pharmaceuticals. Products having the term "brand" in the name are recognized as being of higher quality. No identifier like this is included in the names of generic drugs. All medicines are of the highest quality.

How can I make an order?

Ordering from our site is quick and simple. Select and place a product in the shopping cart. Go to the checkout page by clicking the special button. Once you reach the billing page, you'll need to complete the required forms.

What options do I have for payment?

Visa, Mastercard, and e-checks are all welcome here. In addition, there are alternatives like the Single Euro Payments Area and cryptocurrency transactions.

In what time frame will my credit card be charged?

When you click the "Complete your order" button, your information is sent to our data centre, where it is double-checked. We then submit a charge to the customer's credit card. Your order status will change to "approved" after the bank has authorized the attempted charge. You will get a confirmation email when your purchase has been processed and accepted.

What should you do if you make a purchase but your credit card is not immediately charged?

It means we could not process your credit card due to an unknown error.

●Don't hesitate to get in touch with your bank by phone to resolve this issue. Due to security concerns, your bank may not allow you to make any purchases abroad.●Validate the information you've entered to ensure it's right (billing address, CVV code and the expiry date).●After double-checking the information, place a new order.

Is it safe to enter my credit card information on your website?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. We guarantee that your card data will not be transferred to third parties or used in any way without your knowledge. All your data is securely encrypted and inaccessible to fraudsters.

Are there generic equivalents for all brand-name drugs?

The answer is no. After the patent on the original medicine has expired, the producer may begin making the generic version. Only some pharmaceutical companies rush to produce a generic medication version once a drug's patent expires. Only around 50% of branded drugs have generic equivalents.

How can I be confident in the safety and efficacy of the medications you sell?

Every business owner values their reputation for providing customers with goods of the highest quality. Thus this is always the first consideration when selecting medicines to offer. Only premium goods are offered at our pharmacy. Higher product quality means more satisfied customers. Everything boils down to that. That's why we're so selective about the manufacturers we work with, ensuring they have all the proper paperwork and rigorously evaluate the quality of every medicine.

Does Viagra come in different strengths (50mg vs. 100mg)?

Each Viagra tablet, whether it be 50mg or 100mg, contains exactly 50 or 100 mg respectively of the active component Sildenafil concentration. The typical effective dosage is a single 50 mg tablet. The outcome might be different for each individual. A 25 mg tablet is a good starting point (you can divide a 50 mg pill into two parts). So, it's up to the individual to determine whether or not that's sufficient. If the desired result is not achieved with a 25 mg tablet, a 50 mg pill may be taken.

What makes Soft pills distinct from Regular pills?

Both the absorption range and the onset of effect time are different for these various pill forms. It's often believed that soft tablets work faster than regular ones do. While using Soft tablets, it's OK to eat and drink normally. They quickly melt in your mouth. Keep in mind that ordinary tablets should not be used with alcohol.

Some items were damaged in transit. What should I do?

Get in touch with our support team as soon as possible. To ensure that our clients are happy, we do everything possible to solve every inquiry. We will resend the order or refund your payment if the shipment is lost in transit.

What is the shelf life of the products you provide?

The date of expiration is printed on the blister. Also, each blister has instructions written on it. It has a typical two-year shelf life (from the production date). Some drugs, however, may have a later expiration date than others.

In the absence of a prescribed dosage, how should I proceed?

You may split the tablet in half if you require 50 milligrams, but we only have 100 milligrams available. If you need 25 milligrams, but we only have 100 milligrams available, you may split the tablet into four parts (or a 50 mg pill into two parts).The scenario may be different. To make up for the fact that we can only provide 50 milligrams, you may take a total of 100 milligrams by combining the two tablets.

If your shipment has yet to arrive, what should you do?

First, please double-check your chosen mode of shipment (Airmail often takes two to three weeks to arrive). Due to probable delays at customs, the delivery time may be extended.

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