Brand Levitra

Brand Levitra

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Active ingredient: Vardenafil 

Brand Levitra is an innovative drug for ED treatment produced by the European Bayer company. Its innovative formula allows men to get an erection 15 minutes after the pill use. It works softly and has a low risk of developing side effects, but it successfully treats most types of ED.

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About Brand Levitra

Brand Levitra appeared on the market in 2003, and the Bayer company has taken a clear position on this drug. It is the fastest-acting erection stimulant, which contains Vardenafil. 

The clinical studies showed that in 15-20 minutes, men feel an increased blood influx to the penis, which, combined with sexual stimulation, helps produce an erection.

It is classified as a PDE5 inhibitor, which increases penile blood flow. The effect doesn’t take long, allowing men not to wait the whole hour to start a sexual intercourse.

Another essential characteristic of Vardenafil is the absence of abrupt rise of blood circulation in the vessels, thus lowering the possibility of changes in blood pressure. It is vital for elderly men who have sex. And thus, many experts agree that when choosing an erection stimulator, one should consider this product. 

Brand Levitra works with the following types of erectile dysfunction:

·         psychogenic ED: caused by any mental disorder affecting sexual function or the work of CNS;

·         organic ED: associated with diabetes, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, or vascular damage;

·         drug-induced: caused by medications which decreased men’s sexual desire.


 Why Should You Buy Brand Levitra?

·         A perfect option for elderly men;

·         Can be taken with food;

·         You get a discount for placing a large order online;

·         Only honest reviews from the clients on our website.


How to Take Brand Levitra?

·         You can take a tablet 15 minutes before having sex;

·         It is quickly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract even if you have recently eaten fatty foods;

·         Take a tablet with water but not with grapefruit juice;

·         Do not take Levitra more than once a day. The active ingredient needs 24 hours to leave your system. 

How Brand Levitra Will Help My Erection? 

·         Vardenafil dilates penile blood vessels and relaxes the smooth muscles;

·         Blood vessels allow increased blood flow to the penis;

·         Cavernous bodies, like sponges, absorb blood and increase in volume;

·         Penis becomes harder and bigger; an erection occurs.

This process occurs naturally when a man is aroused. If a man can't get aroused, he won't get hard. Even the largest dose of cheap Brand Levitra cannot cause an artificial erection. It is definitely an advantage because you won’t have an involuntary erection if you don’t want it. Besides, natural processes are always safe, and long-term drug use won’t cause an addiction. 

How to Buy Brand Levitra Online

You can purchase original pills from Bayer at reasonable prices in our Brand Levitra shop. We supply the medicine directly, without intermediaries, so we don’t have high markups. 

The price for the Brand name Levitra online will always be lower than pills sold in the pharmacies because city networks set huge markups.

Benefits of placing your order in our online store:

1. We offer home delivery protecting your confidentiality;

2. We sell drugs 24/7, seven days a week;

3. It only takes 3-4 minutes to place your order; no prescription is needed;

4. Every client can get a professional consultation from a medical specialist.

Brand Levitra Dosage Guide

·      Each pill may contain 10mg or 20mg of Vardenafil;

·      Daily dose depends on age, weight, health condition, the severity of erectile dysfunction, and degree of sexual arousal;

·      Take 20mg of Brand Levitra every 24 hours before sexual activity;

·      If you take this dose and experience side effects, try to lower the dosage or increase the interval between doses - 1 tablet per 48 hours;

·      If you took 20mg but didn’t feel its effect within an hour, don't take another one. Perhaps, the first time the medication didn’t work for you. Take Brand Levitra 20mg for a couple of days to see how it works and its effectiveness in your clinical case.

How Effective Is Brand Levitra?

According to clinical studies, Vardenafil’s effectiveness in treating impotence is no less than 84%. This data relates to men with a healthy libido.

If a person has a low libido and can’t reach the peak of arousal, it will be challenging to get a rock-hard erection, even with Brand Levitra.

Moreover, if you use a Generic Brand for Levitra, which you can find plenty on the market, the effect will be identical because the drugs contain the same active ingredient Vardenafil.

Possible Side Effects

People experience adverse reactions from taking Brand Levitra less than when taking other PDE5 inhibitors because the drug has a softer influence on your body. That is why Vardenafil is indicated for use in elderly men.

Treatment with this medication doesn’t cause an abrupt rise in blood pressure and is less likely to cause tachycardia. However, patients may experience some side effects, including:

·     Headache;

·     Dizziness;

·     Facial flushing;

·     Bloating;

·     Stuffy nose.

In rare cases, man may require medical help. Often, the symptoms disappear after several doses. 

Who Can Take Brand Levitra?

Brand Levitra is approved for treatment in men:

·           between 18 and 70 years of age;

·           without severe cardiovascular diseases;

·           with various ED types;

·           who are not allergic to Vardenafil.

This drug allows men with mild cardiovascular diseases, including hyperpiesis or tachycardia, to take erection stimulants. Of course, we don’t advise you to take the medication without consulting your cardiologist.

However, some conditions are contraindications to the use of this drug:

·         chronic kidney failure;

·         recent myocardial infarction;

·         vascular occlusion – blood clot blocking a vessel;

·         recent penile damage or injury.

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